Publication of Hard-Bound Thesis For Graduation

The result of the thesis/dissertation and course work (where applicable) is published after the School of Graduate Studies has received the final copy of the thesis/dissertation.

The final (hard-bound) copy of thesis/dissertation is bound using the following colour scheme: 

Degree  Designation  Colour Scheme
MA/MSc degrees Dissertation/Long Essay/Projects Wine
MPhil Thesis Green
PhD/MD/DPhil Thesis/Set of Publications Dark Blue

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Three hard copies and a soft copy (on CD) are submitted to the department/institute/centre. The unit then submits one hard copy and the soft copy together with a cover letter to the School of Graduate Studies (SGS). Upon receipt, SGS checks whether the student has passed all courses and met the required number of credits for graduation. When the student is cleared the result is published. That is, a written communication is sent to the department and all stakeholders that the student has met all the requirement for graduation.