School of Graduate Studies Holds Orientation for Fresh Graduate Students

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A cross-section of fresh regular graduate students at the orientation programme

The School of Graduate Studies has held an orientation ceremony for fresh regular Graduate students, admitted into the University of a Ghana in the 2017/2018 academic year to pursue graduate programmes in the various departments.

Prof. Kwaku Tanko-Debrah, Dean- School of Graduate Studies

The Dean of the School of Graduate Studies, Prof. Kwaku Tanko-Debrah, in welcome remarks reminded the fresh Graduate students that as per the regulations for graduate study at the University, the orientation was compulsory for all graduate students. He noted that it is for this reason that the School of Graduate Studies attaches importance to it. While welcoming them to the University of Ghana, he wished them a fulfilling stay over their various periods of study.

Prof. Robert Darko Osei, Vice-Dean-School of Graduate Studies

The Vice-Dean of the School of Graduate Studies, Prof. Robert Darko Osei, made a presentation on Rules Governing Graduate Studies at the University of Ghana. His presentation covered course credits allowed for the various programmes, rules governing interruption and extension of study programmes, as well as provisions on examination of course work and theses. He emphasized the seriousness the University attaches to plagiarism, and hinted that the University has invested in the turn-it-in software for use as a plagiarism checker.

Dr. Olive Adjah, Balme Library

In a presentation on Library facilities and resources, Dr. Olive Adjah of the Balme Library outlined the various options available to graduate students. She also spoke on the many collections of publications at the Balme Library, adding that the Library system also offers printing, photocopying, scanning and binding services.

Mr. Michael Antwi, Students’ Accountant

Mr. Michael Antwi, Students’ Accountant made a presentation on issues concerning school fees. He urged the fresh graduate students to monitor the payment of fees on the misweb and keep all payment slips well in case there is the need to refer to them in future. He mentioned in particular, the need to provide the correct student ID number when making payment of fees as a wrong ID number could end up crediting fees to a wrong account.

Mr. Daniel Hormeku, Assistant Registrar- International Programmes Office

On the activities of the International Programms Office, Mr. Daniel Hormeku, Assistant Registrar at the International Programmes Office encouraged both international and Ghanaian students to interact to enrich their individual experiences. He assured all international students of the IPO’s availability to assist them in challenges they might encounter during the period of their study.

Mr. Ato Brown, GRASAG-Legon

The President of the Legon Branch of the Graduate Students Association of Ghana (GRASAG), Mr. Ato Brown welcomed the new students to the University. He said GRASG served as a mouth piece of all Graduate students and urged them to actively get involved in the activities of the association. Mr. Brown also encouraged them to contribute to discussions on national issues.