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Premises of School of Graduate Studies


Established in 1962 initially as the Graduate Studies Centre, and later as the School of Research and Graduate Studies, the School of Graduate Studies as it is now known has responsibility for coordinating all graduate level programmes in the University. It also serves as the repository for all records on graduate students. The School is presently located at Frederick Marfo Memorial Building, a donation from Dr. Steven Kwadwo Amoah-Marfo, an alumnus of the University, in memory of his late father Mr. Frederick Kojo Fordjour Marfo.


Mandate and Management Structure
As part of its coordinating role, the School’s mandate under the direction of the Board of Graduate Studies includes:
· Promoting the development, diversification and effective delivery of post-graduate programmes to address emerging national issues.
· Accreditation of all faculty teaching and supervising graduate programmes to maintain high standards and ensure high quality graduate programme output.
The specific functions of the School include admissions, registration of graduate students, approval of study programmes, arranging for the examination of dissertations and theses, approval of results for graduating students, and student welfare matters including assisting with the administration of graduate bursaries, and allocation of residential facilities to graduate students. 

The Board of Graduate Studies has two sub-committees, namely: 

The Graduate Programmes Development and Admissions Committee which advises on admissions to graduate programmes, recommends approval of new graduate programmes and revision of existing programmes, and also approves faculty to teach graduate level courses and supervise graduate research work.

The Graduate Examinations Committee is responsible for approving thesis and dissertation titles and examiners for graduate level dissertations and theses. It also determines course work, dissertation and thesis results and regulates the conduct of graduate oral examinations.

The composition of the Board of Graduate Studies is as follows: 

· Dean, School of Graduate Studies (Chair)

· Vice-Dean, School of Graduate Studies

· Two members of Professorial rank appointed by the Academic Board

· Two members of Professorial rank appointed by each Faculty

· Two members of Professorial rank appointed by the College of Agriculture and Consumer Sciences

· Four members of Professorial rank appointed by the College of Health Sciences

· Up to two members co-opted from under-represented units of the university running post-graduate programmes

· Two representatives Graduate Students representatives from the Masters and PhD levels 

Offices and Principal Officers
The School is made up of the following units: Office of the Dean, Theses Unit, Admissions Unit, and Accounts Unit. The School also has a fifty-sitter computer laboratory and wireless internet connectivity, and a fifty-sitter Conference Room. Senior Officers of the School are: Professor Kwadwo Ofori (Dean), Professor Harry Akussah (Vice-Dean), Mr. Christopher Amehoe (Ag. Executive Secretary), Mr. Collins Amofah (Accountant) and Mr. John Kromoah (Assistant Registrar).

Academic Programmes
The School co-ordinates graduate level academic programmes for the Colleges, Faculties and Schools and Institutes within the University. It also regulates and offers advice on graduate programmes being offered in the University’s affiliate institutions. 

The programmes that are currently being co-ordinated by the School include: Master of Arts (MA), Master of Science (MSc), Master of Public Health (MPH), Master of Health Informatics (MHI), Master of Laws (LLM), Master of Business Administration (MBA) Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA), Master of Public Administration (MPA), Master of Philosophy (MPhil), Master of Fine Arts (MFA), Doctor of Philosophy (PhD/DPhil), Doctor of Medicine (MD).


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